Fashion with Function


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Fashion doesn't have to be shallow. Bond and Lead recognizes that we are seeking apparel that can adapt to enable us. Through Bond and Lead's Aromatherapy Wear - apparel that diffuses hyper personalized Aromatherapy- a boost of inner empowerment and a sense mindfulness is yours at any moment of your stress prone day. The Bond & Lead brand believes that there shall be nothing less than  #FashionwithFunction.


comes With COmplimentary AROMATHERAPY Blends

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Styling & Creative Direction: Poinsetta Lane @t.lanedesign
Photographer: Ayser Pathan @ayserpathan
Hair & Makeup: Ekaterina Konysheva @kai_ville
Models: Kayla Jordyn @kaylaa_jordyn  Suhail @mbarakzae