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Tezeta “tez” Roro, RealTOR 


FB: tezrororealtor

Twitter: TezTheRealtor


I was born and raised in Ethiopia. Came to the US at the age of 14 with a widowed mother and younger sister who is 11 years my Junior. I assumed the role of a second parent to help raise my sister while attending high school and college. I attended and completed college with premed intentions graduating with a Biology degree. After a year of break from school, decided to pursue the business world and earned an MBA (company paid for it, YES!). In the 12 years i spent in the corporate world, i held 6 roles, grew personally and professionally, gotten married, had my two boys and became a home owner. It served me well until it didn’t, i then made a pivot one more time and became a real estate professional which was influenced by my own home buying process (It wasn't great and i am grateful for it). I am now loving a life by design where i get to choose how , with whom and where i spend my time. I serve in leadership capacity at Ellevate Network (a women's professional networking group), I am a Toastmaster, serve on a committee at my church and am the VP for my son's school PTA. I enjoy adding value to those around me and to the causes I choose to associate myself with. I find opportunities to create "me-time" to fill my cup so that i can pour into others. I love jamming to music in my car (especially Reggae!), having Ethiopian movie nights with my family and being an aware and present being.

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