Shipping + Returns

On the topic of Shipping, much of what we design and sell is hand crafted, so expect detail and uniqueness in every product we ship.  This is usually a 1 day process but in some scenarios, depending on how special your order is, it can take up 3 business days. Shipping will take usually take 2-3 business days after the product you have ordered has been perfected  by one of our experienced design assistants (for Canada & U.S. and for worldwide it may vary). 


Regarding the matter of Returns, if, for some unusual reason, you'd like to return an item, you'll have a couple options: 

1. You can send back the item with a "Desire to Donate" tag. This means your returned item, upon us receiving it, will be donated by Bond & Lead,  to a Non-Profit and you'll receive a credit to purchase another product from Bond&Lead that amounts to 115% the price you paid for your original purchased item.

2. You can send back the item with a"Return and Refund" tag. This means, upon us receiving your returned item, we will be sure to refund you the amount you paid for our product.

In either case, you'll be assigned a personal assistant to help you throughout the return process. We kindly ask that the items you choose to return is unused and undamaged.  To get started is simply reach out to us.


Lastly, let's talk about Exchanges. If, you choose to exchange the product for another size or color, that's also very simple. Just reach out to us and your assigned personal assistant will help you get the size or color you prefer.  We kindly ask that the products you choose to exchange is unused and undamaged.


Additional questions? Go ahead, reach out to us!